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U.S. Oil-Gas Discovery Boom In July
Huge Employment Kick, Thousands of New Wells,
Big Frackin Deal

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Bureaucrats did not create the gas and oil boom, they have only tried to stop it, and have successfully banned and hampered it on federal controlled shale. *70% of shale oil-gas is on federal controlled land.

Politicians speeches will falsely try to claim credit for these huge changes in U.S., (happening on private land) that they were supporting this and their policies brought on the new boom in the United States.

The new "Fracking and Horizontal drilling invention" will and already has resulted in:

  • Developing one million direct jobs, and one million additional related support jobs.

  • These are 100% jobs in U.S. Can NOT be outsourced.

  • 100% U.S. jobs just as the Railroad and Telegraph revolution. (unlike the more recent electronics, computers and internet revolutions, mostly outsourced.

  • Raising U.S. Wages, These are not hamburger flipping jobs, many now starting at 70k with a high school education.

  • Has already boosted and will be boosting household income for ten to 20 years. Will take that long to drill sufficient wells to fully tap the huge shale areas.

  • Greatly boost many state government incomes, (ND already has surplus).

  • Greatly increase federal tax revenues with land owner bonanzas, high wage jobs and corporation incomes.

  • Greatly lower unemployment costs, and welfare by greatly enhance personal revenues.

  • Will make a huge change in the trade deficit, cutting oil imports to almost zero and considerable income from huge exports of natural gas. Triple U.S. Prices.

  • Will lower energy prices (already lowered gas prices 80% from the high) Will lower oil prices if Feds unleashed government shale. Then you would have a much lower commute cost.

  • Enhancing manufacturers competitiveness, (more jobs return from overseas) with low, low gas prices (down 80% from highs) cut manufacturing costs compared to overseas.

  • Lower food costs since will lower fertilizer cost, (nitrogen made from natural gas) and farming costs (food).

  • Will change the U.S. world political situation of no longer being held captive to energy dependency.

  • Will lower the costs of electricity generation with a clean fuel that electric companies can build at far less cost and time and convert to in short order.

  • New Gas Finds are making local fuel available for much lower cost power generation local plants in 36 states, cutting need for expensive new power grid.

  • Gas now one fifth the cost of solar and wind fiasco's. Taxpayer subsidized industry that most jobs had been outsourced ended, thereby saving Billions of taxpayer money.

  • New gas wells coming on line with already much lower pricing will cut heating bills in half for the entire nation with stabilized pricing.

  • Will end all need for subsidized ethanol production, thereby lowering food costs, fuel no longer competing with food. Will save billions of taxpayer money.

The "fracking boom" already has done and affected many of these, but you have not yet seen the Bigger Effect unfolding.

It will become obvious to all by July of huge improvements in U.S., that this boom will be creating.

Politician will be crediting their wrong policy factors, all trying to claim credit for their program instead of the huge "Big Fracking Revolution" that is actually happening and making a huge difference.

We are trying to educate you with the facts.

How Fracking Farms Work
How Fracking Farm Works
See "Frack Farms" Full Screen On Site and Read here

Billions of Annual Oil Dollars for Imported Oil Will Now Stay in U.S. Funding Oil development here resulting in well over one million High Pay Jobs.

The Only Huge U.S. Technology Development in the last fifty years, that ALL the Jobs Created STAY in the U.S. This alone is BIG NEWS.

It Will SAVE the U.S. From Economic Collapse. It will affect the election.

The fracking process, itself was developed in 1949, started testing extensively first in 89. Horizontal drilling more recently and constantly advancing with perfecting and improving the system, is still happening.

Nearly all wells already in operation have increased production each year from technical improvements.

Previous oil and gas drilling was based on the concept of drilling and hitting exactly, a "pooled pocket of oil or gas" that had gathered over millions of years thru cracks in the shale releasing it and eventually gathering in a pool.

Wells driven in unproven "non pooled" oil, areas (even though in oil producing shale, )wound up as a dry hole much more often then not and your entire investment went nowhere.

Using the "Fracking Technique" with horizontal drilling you can "release gas and or oil "from a wide area" "fracking" one mile each direction from one well head and if in proven shale areas (often up to 100 miles long area) you are certain to have production, no such thing as a lost investment, "dry hole" if you did everything right.
There are over a dozen shale areas in the U.S., blessed with huge shale deposits, second only to China. Some of U.S. shale areas with two layers, one as much as a mile below the other. China shale totally untapped to date and is much harder to get at, much in the mountains etc.

One U.S. shale area alone has enough gas (using fracking) for the entire country for 100 years. U.S. with fracking became the largest gas producing country in the world in 2010.

The Bakken Shale area in North Dakota and the Green River Shale in Wyoming each have more oil than Prudhoe Bay Alaska, in Alaska, Colorado not far behind. North Dakota adding over 2,100 wells per year now for several years and the other states getting underway. North Dakota will soon out produce Alaska, who sends all of their production overseas.

The invention or 'Fracking development" was a method of spreading open cracks in oil or gas bearing shale with hydraulic pressuring (with water) and then filling the cracks with sand etc. to keep the cracks open so gas or oil could escape. In 1949, this fracking affected only a small area of shale at the bottom of the well. The resulting small area affected produced only small amounts.

The Recent invention of being able to drill horizontally up to a mile all directions from the same wellhead and fracking all along the way, made EVERY "fracking technique," well drilled in oil or gas bearing shale productive.

Often the shale is as much as two miles deep, the deeper the shale, the more expensive the well.

Even though well costs run 2 or 3 Million, many are reported to pay off the investment in 60 days, despite a ten to twenty year production expectation.

Consider the sand mining boom for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois, all states with little or no shale but plenty of silica sand formations.

North Dakota is drilling 2,100 new fracked wells per year. Each is reported to require 100 truckloads of sand for fracking.

If my pencil is correct this means they need to ship in Two million, one hundred thousand truck loads of sand. That is a lot of sand. Apparently most of this sand is being shipped in via railroad but means a big business to these four states just to supply North Dakota fracking with sand.

The wells also use a lot of cement, cementing the first thousand feet with two cement casings to prevent leaking into the water table area. Not sure were all that cement is coming from. The over five miles of steel piping per well means steel mills somewhere are working overtime.

The U.S. can convert much of electricity generation to gas and a drive on to convert buses and trucks to natural gas thereby greatly lessoning the need for oil. Automobiles are easy to convert but the problem is the access to refueling tanks.

Reported $3,500 device that compresses gas in your garage from city standard gas lines to your especially installed tank.

Runs about $1.50 less per gallon then diesel or gasoline. Burns cleaner and your engine reported to last longer. Especially feasible for city delivery vehicles that return to the same location every night.

U.S. is already shipping liquified natural gas overseas. The current price comparison we read is follows.
United States $3, Europe $13. Asia $18

This advantage makes many production items cheaper to make in U.S. bringing jobs home. It also means there is ample room to export due to the price disparity. Gas dropped in U.S. but continues to rise elsewhere with Europe getting fed up with the unreliability of Russia shutting off European gas pipe supply lines from time to time.

Canada ships in daily about 2.6 million barrels of oil, in a large part from oil sands that are strip mined.

Canada has become the largest supplier of oil and refined products to the United States, ahead of Saudi Arabia, Mexico. and Venezuela.

Canada also has huge areas of the extension of the North Dakota Bakken shale that can be developed rapidly by fracking, and should soon help replace imports from the far east. This is dependant on a U.S. Pipe line from that area pending.

Current price for fracking sand is about $100 a ton. About 3 times the price construction sand use was paying.

One Iowa sand mining firm is running 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and shipping about 45 rail cars a day.

The 450 million year old layer of sandstone that works best for fracking, they are now mining for this purpose runs close enough to the surface to mine in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois Minnesota and Wisconsin. One consultant on fracking estimates there is a demand for about 10 Million tons of fracking sand annually.

The proposed pipe line from Canada to Houston for refining has become a political hot potato.

There are hundreds of pipe lines crossing the U.S. that have been of no concern including others on nearly the same route.

See our pipeline graphic resources on home page,

Many other maps and graphics with links to sources of information.

The big concern is to get away from the 3 Million barrels a day imported from the far east.

Even when the U.S. becomes energy independent, the pipeline would give Houston the refining income and shipping point for Canadian petroleum export to other countries.

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